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Home > Electrical and Electronics > All marine generator sell by Patel Motor Engineering Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
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All marine generator sell by Patel Motor Engineering Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Posted by : Mahesh Patel | Dec 12, 2011
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K141Patel Motor Engineer has been successfully providing power to various industries for the past five decades.
Not withstanding our high performance level in the market, we are constantly striving to upgrade our services and technology
to meet the stringent demands of.
We Provaided by all marine generator.The Company was incepted rightly since 45 years back
with the the vision of periodical, sphereodical and radical changes and transformation in development of all the sectors from
Industrial, Commercial and Social Aspect. We are into Industrial Generators. We are a leading Suppliers of Diesel Generator Set
consisting of Generator Service Provider, Industrial & Residential Diesel Generator, Old Generator for Sale, Used Diesel Generator
Sale. Email- mo.9879304079
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