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zlconn horizontal directional drilling HDD machine
Posted by : hdd zlconn | Dec 14, 2023
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1. ZL350A horizontal directional drilling HDD machine equipped with Cummins engine; American Permco main pump; American Eaton motor as rotating motor, Italian SAI high-pressure and high-speed radial plunger push-pull motors, rotation speed 130 rpm; power can be increased to 70 tons (optional) )
2. Steel tracks are equipped with rubber blocks; rack and pinion push-pull mechanism;
3. Equipped with a new type of automatic rod-loading manipulator, with adjustable rod-turning speed;
4. The power head and holder are double-floating to protect the drill rod;
5. Onboard 350L mud pump (with enamel cylinder liner);
6. The hydraulic pilot control system meets the rocking point requirements of weathered rock drilling and is equipped with a friction positioning handle;
7. Push-pull high-speed and mud pump on-off can switch freely;
8. Equipped with mud flushing device, site flushing device, mud antifreeze device (optional), thread oil application device (optional);
9. Fully enclosed fixed or rotatory cab and dual-purpose air conditioning (optional);
10. Fully automatic rod loading system with box and hydraulic anchor device (optional);
11. It has both a small entry angle of 10° and a large climbing angle of 25°;
12. The hydraulic system and electrical system adopt modular integrated design, with simple and practical structure, strong stability and easy maintenance and repair;

13. Using rack and pinion push-pull, the transmission efficiency is high, the work is stable, and the maintenance is convenient and simple;
14. Equipped with ?73 or 76×3000 drill rod to give full play to the drilling rig’s construction capabilities;
15. It adopts Korean TOBIS or China leading brand high and low two-speed high-torque walking motor, steel track and rubber boots, suitable for walking on any road surface;
16. Cold zone options: mud pump antifreeze device; air intake preheating device (including diesel filter element and oil-water separator diesel heating function), suitable for construction temperature 0~-35°;
17. Optional in extremely cold areas: MTD18A heating auxiliary ignition device, suitable for construction temperatures <-35°;
18. The operating console has a user-friendly design, one-button ignition, electronic throttle, friction positioning operating handle, dual USB charging connectors, LED ceiling light high-power fan, front and rear telescopic seats, wide operating visual range, strong adaptability, and telescopic ladder for easy access. , get off the vehicle and operate to improve the comfort of the operator.

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